Fire Arm Training Simulator

Ishan Systems World offer an ultraportable and affordable Single Lane Small Fire Arm Training Simulator for pistols & Rifles which can be used in a small room Size of 10ft x 10ft, with the structure being either a permanent structure or even a temporary structure such as a tent. This product can be deployed at every Police station or at every district level or sub district level as well as, Prisons, Critical infrastructure sites, Police Barracks, Remote areas etc.


Advantages & Benefit

  • Digitally marking and mapping data will be stored in the cloud and easily retrievable.
  • System will work in on / off line with or without internet availability
  • During maintenance, accurate and quick detection of buried line, as the device will lead
  • The personal to the exact point (similar to the GPS system available in vehicles)
  • Long storage battery for extended usage
  • Minimum excavation and minimum down time for detection
  • Does not require skilled personal to operate the system.
  • Ishan Systems provides major cost benefits, as expensive ball markers